Citation format are many and learning them is easy. In the academic or scholarly spheres, there exist numerous formatting styles that can be used not only for citations and referencing but also for formatting essays. They include APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.  If perhaps you are having problems formatting your papers to meet the requirements of these writing styles, relax, the truth is many students are facing the same challenge all over the world.

While you should commit yourself to learn these writing and Citation format for the many projects and assignments that you will be doing, sometimes you will need some help to meet short deadlines or to assist you before you learn how to do it on your own. At this juncture, EliteScoreWriters outstretches its writing hand to alleviate your troubles.

Every assignment you will get from your professors will demand that you format your academic paper in one of the styles. If you are not sure of the peculiarities, it is time to turn to a professional Citation format expert to fine-tune your essay to the instructions.

Citation format cover academic paper aspects such as margins, font size, font style, page numbers, headers and footers, indentation, paragraphing, etc. You can always contact EliteScoreWriters to help you format your paper to the required style.

Anytime you use the wrong format you risk losing a good grade that you have worked so hard to achieve. There is no point in conducting in-depth research, and writing a compelling academic paper only to lose points to poor formatting.

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Types of Citation format

American Psychological Association (APA) is one of the most widely used formatting styles. Its tenets include one-inch margins for all the four sides of the paper, 12-point font size, double-spaced and Times New Roman font face. You will also need a title page as the first page of your paper.

Top headers have to be centered, and all sections of your work should begin on a new page. Moreover, all tables should be placed at the end of the paper.

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When using MLA, it is unnecessary to have a title page while figures and tables should go together with the text. Other requirements such as font, size, margins, spacing and page numbers are the same as APA.
Other formats include:

  1. Chicago
  2. Harvard
  3. Oscola
  4. Bluebook
  5. ASA

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