Are you considering changing careers? I bet it is everyone’s feeling currently. The Covid-19 global pandemic has caused us to rethink the definition of “normal,” both in our own lives and in the greater sense of the communities we live in. A near worldwide shutdown, resulting from shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders, has changed our daily routines, many of which we had become so accustomed to that we realized we had been coasting on auto-pilot for quite some time. This rather radical change has made many Americans and workers around the world reconsider their career choices. This makes sense as so many of us are now spending more time working in ways that we never thought possible before the Covid-19 shutdowns.

Considering Changing Careers?

Where we once used to joke about how nice it would be to work from home in our pajamas, never having to leave our dogs, or how convenient it would be not to have to pay for child care, these jokes became our reality seemingly overnight. And, while it seemed nice for the first few weeks, many of us quickly realized that we missed the buzz of our office culture. We missed conversations with our co-workers around the coffee pot or water cooler. And if we had our druthers, most of us would probably choose in-person meetings instead of the endless mute/unmute lifestyle of Zoom meetings from our kitchen counters.

Still, many of us have used this time working remotely to peruse the Internet and think about what we might do instead of going back to our old professional lives in our current careers. Perhaps you enjoy remote working or want more flexibility in your life so that you can work from home when needed but have an office that requires your time and attention at times. Maybe you wondered what a new career in an entirely new field might look like or what other industry you could venture into and begin a new trajectory up an exciting new ladder. Maybe you are like the countless Americans and people all over the world who are thinking about what a new career inside the tech industry would be like and wondering how you could learn new skills like coding.

Well, you are in luck. These days, to begin an exciting new career in the tech industry you no longer need to go to traditional schools to obtain a computer science or information technology degree. In fact, you don’t even need a degree from a two-year community, city, or technical college to break into the tech industry. Instead, many tech hopefuls are opting for intensive, short-term coding bootcamps. These programs will take you from no experience to a newly minted programming professional in less than a year. That’s right. What used to take two to four years to learn, you can now learn in less than a year.

Coding bootcamps

To make it even sweeter, many of the schools that host coding bootcamps do so in a variety of ways. They offer full-time, in-person classes for those who are ready and able to make that kind of commitment, knocking out their program in as little as ten weeks. However, for those who are already in a full-time career, or having other serious time commitments such as parenting or community engagements, there are also part-time, online and even self-paced options. And with the flexibility of deferred tuition payment and income-sharing agreements, you can learn your new coding skills when it’s best for you—you pay back the affordable tuition after you land your first job in the tech industry.

Web Development career

Maybe you are interested in a new career in Web Development, where you can build incredible websites that help drive growth for small and large companies. Or maybe you are looking for something even more technical like Cyber Security, where you will be responsible for building the security infrastructure that keeps our private data and information safe from malicious cyberattacks.

Whatever the case may be, if you have been wondering about a new career in the tech industry, there has never been a better time to start learning your new coding skills from one of these bootcamps. It is time to dive into the booming industry of technology.

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