Exploratory essay is a unique type of essay. While other types of essays try to convince the readers about the validity of their thesis. This essay attempts to find information concerning a problem and might even suggest the solution. The other unique attribute is that it represents a retrospective of the writers thinking and writing process as they try to think through a problem. It describes the reason and how you carried out research and also when it was done. To write a good exploratory essay, you have to pay attention to your thought process.

How to write an exploratory essay

exploratory essay

Expository essay outline

  • Introduction

The introduction paragraph introduces the problem studied and its importance. As part of the introduction to the problem, the writer should also mention the possible cause, the person, or institutions that are involved. It also briefly states the possible solution and offers and sources of the research during the inquiry process.

  • Body

It discusses the inquiry process in researching the problem. It should provide the following details on the sources of research:

  • An introduction to the source, such as the title, name, publication date, publisher, etc
  • The vital information concerning the problem derived from the source
  • The reason the information is essential relating to the problem
  • Personal observation on how the source was helpful or its influence in changing the course of your research
  • Conclusion

Expository essay outline

You will restate the problem, causes, people, and institutions concerned and possible solutions. Also, mention any further questions you might have on this section and explain the reason you have the question. Explain where you might find their answers and the research needed to do so.

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