Knowing how to write a response paper is key perfecting you essay writing skills. Instructors use response papers to check the learners’ ability to express their viewpoints and whether they can do so coherently. It is a genre of writing that you express your views concerning a book, film, article, essay, or any other piece of writing. One crucial aspect to note is that the writing style is in the first person since you are writing your opinion.

How to write a response paper

How to write a response paperIntroduction 

The introduction should grab the attention of the reader. You can do by stating an interesting fact, describing a scenario, telling a story, or bringing up the questions your essay will answer. The introduction should also include a thesis statement that states your argument on the article in a brief sentence.

  • Body

You may start by summarizing the book or article in 1-2 paragraphs. What follows are your responses, and they should answer the following questions:

  • What is your opinion on the ideas of the article?
  • Are any of the ideas presented by the author related to your experiences?
  • Do the ideas relate to your other readings
  • Do you think that the author has succeeded in convincing the readers?
  • One of the things to avoid is making superficial or obvious insights and also avoid providing vague reasons for your reflection and analysis.
  • Conclusion

Provide a brief review of your opinion on the article backed by facts and then relate it to the introduction.

How to write a response paper in college

Writing a response paper in college is not the same as in the other levels. Synthesis of the topic and understanding the key facts is vital. The professor issues a book or an article and the students have to read thoroughly to understand the main ideas as expressed by the writer. When a composing a response paper, it requires  the student to document the facts and expound on the ideas the demonstrate their level of understanding.


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