In the digital age where tweets, snap chats, Facebook posts and WhatsApp messages have become the norm; formal letter writing has become a challenging task for many people, not just students. The social media era has made informal writings more prevalent than formally written expressions. Although letter writing services are not a regular academic assignment that many college or high school students get, once in a while, you may need to write a professional letter such as a cover letter when applying for a job.

Inescapable for students studying creative writing is an assignment asking them to write professional letters such as a Letter of Recommendation, Thank-you Letter, and other additional professional writings.

Furthermore, any professional in any industry will need letter writing skills if they need to progress in their career. Whenever and wherever such a need arises, instead of entering into a panic mode, look for professional letter writers who will expertly design your letter and strictly customize it to your needs.

You could be applying for the first job position in your career or exploring new career opportunities in your industry. An exceptional candidate for a position is identified first by their job application or cover letter. A task that determines the direction of your career needs a professionally trained writer. This is where EliteScoreWriters comes in to give you a hand at the time of dire need.

Whether it is for creative writing assignments or other academic and personal reasons, whenever you feel short of the skills and experience to compose a formal letter, EliteScoreWriters letter writing service has experts ready to serve you around the clock.

Types of letters that EliteScoreWriters writes for students and professionals

  • Cover Letter to accompany resumes and other papers. It introduces the job applicant to the employer.
  • Thank-You Letter to express appreciation for something someone did for you.
  • Recommendation Letter to positively evaluate the skills, accomplishments, abilities and other personal and expert qualities of an individual.
  • Business Letter sent to business associates and which are formal communication means in the entrepreneurial set-ups.
  • Political Letter addressed to public figures to persuade, advice, recommend, request, complain or support changes in policies.
  • Personal Letter between friends and family members and dealing with non-professional issues.

Our professional letter writing services are offered by experts who have amassed massive experience in writing formal and informal letters of different formats, topics, and issues. Sign up on our website and make an order for your letter at your convenient time.



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